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general terms and conditions

Size of images

The standard format of most pictures is 90cm x 60cm or 60cm x 90cm. All images are scalable on request – minimum size 45cm x 30cm (30 x 45), maximum size 180cm x 150cm (150 x 180). For images with a different aspect ratio, please request the format.


The information refers to pictures on fine art paper. Modalities and price for printouts on other materials (e.g. silicon 2+2, Alu-Dibond) are to be agreed.

Limitations and price

One out of seven: The pictures are limited to 8 pieces plus an unsellable exhibition copy. Each picture is numbered and signed. In the standard format one picture costs 590,– (including VAT, without shipping costs).

One of one: If no copy of a work has yet been sold, an exclusive purchase is possible. In standard format the signed picture costs 2.950,– (including VAT, without shipping costs).

One plus usage rights: If no copy of a work has yet been sold, an exclusive purchase including usage rights is possible. You will receive a signed picture in standard format as well as the digital file and the right to use it with reference to the artist *). Costs: 3.950,– (including VAT, without shipping costs).

*) The use is limited to the buyer. The scope of the right of use is agreed, but usually includes advertising or illustrations on posters and websites, CD or record covers. Use in the political context must be explicitly agreed.

The general terms and conditions apply.

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